Notary and Commissioner for Oaths

Whether for business or personal reasons, you may require documents to be authenticated and copies certified by an approved professional.

You may also need to make a sworn statement or evidence to confirm in writing something that previously has not been written down. We can help with services as a notary or a commissioner for oaths.

Commissioners for Oaths

A Commissioner for Oaths can verify and formalize documents so they will be accepted by a court or other organizations such as mortgage companies and government departments. As your local Commissioner for Oaths, we can draw up and verify affidavits and sworn statements.

Notary services in Ingersoll

Notaries can verify documents and make certified copies. As a local notary public for Ingersoll and surrounding areas, we can do this for a whole range of documents, including:

  • Certify copies of education or qualification certificates
  • Certify photos for passport/photo ID applications

Independent Legal Advice

If you have a separation agreement, cohabitation agreement, or other legal documents, as general practice solicitors, IRB Law can offer legal advice on all these to advise you as to your rights and witness your legally binding signature.

Please note our lawyers and staff are qualified under the laws of the Province of Ontario. While we can verify your identity, notarize and commission documents for use all across Canada and internationally, you are strongly encouraged to get legal advice in the applicable jurisdiction.

Need notary public or Commissioner for Oath services near you?

Contact us here at IRB Law. Please note that we require all notary and commission to be in person.