Estate Planning and Administration Services

We have helped generations of local families with their estate planning, including setting out how their estate will provide for them into their senior years, and who will inherit and benefit on their death.

Our estate planning and estate administration services include:

The lawyers at IRB Law can prepare a Last Will and Testament for you that will address how your property is to be dealt with upon your death. Such a will makes your wishes clear and easy to follow for your executors. Call us if you wish to enter into a will or a new will.

Call us to update your will if you:

  • Are getting divorced or have recently separated
  • You or your children/beneficiaries’ circumstances have substantially changed
  • Need to change or appoint new executor/s

Powers of Attorney allow someone else to manage your finances and health care choices if you become too ill, infirm or lose the mental capacity to do these yourself.

By drafting Powers of Attorney, you make the choice and appoint a person you trust to take care of your affairs.

  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care appoints someone to make important decisions regarding your health and general care
  • Power of Attorney for Property appoints someone to manage your property and finances

We can assist you with legal advice and preparing powers of attorney on your behalf.

Sometimes in order to administer a deceased person’s estate, their executors or loved ones will have to apply to the court for probate. This typically occurs in situations in which:

  1. The deceased person died without a will or in situations in which they died with a will but their chosen executors have all predeceased them and/or are otherwise unable/unwilling to act;
  2. To carry out the transfer or sale of the deceased person’s home and other real properties; and
  3. In order to access the funds of the deceased that were held through a bank or other financial institution

If you are the executor of an estate or if you are a loved one of a person who died without a will, call us. We can assist you in determining whether the deceased’s estate will have to be probated. If so, we can guide you through this process.

Even if the deceased’s will does not need to be probated, we can provide you with independent legal advice in order to ensure the deceased’s estate is properly administered.

Sometimes a deceased person’s loved one may have concerns regarding the circumstances in which the deceased person’s will was prepared. They may also be concerned as to whether the deceased person’s estate is being properly administered by their executors.

Also, there may be situations in which co-executors are unable to communicate and co-operate with each other with respect to the administration of the deceased’s estate.

We can meet with you to determine the best way to address such concerns and we can represent you throughout this process.

Need help with any aspect of estate planning and administration?

Contact us. As local general practice lawyers for Oxford County residents, we can assist you and offer clear legal advice.